TGM Trapezium Mill

Applications: Cement, Coal, power plant desulfurization, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, construction material, ceramics.


The super pressure trapezium mill is innovted and developed by many years hard research, designed and improved according to using and suggesting of mill users, on basis of high roller mill, which is a new, efficient, energy saving super fine powder making machine for cumtomers abroad. . The TGM Series Super Pressure Trapezium Mill adopts our patented technologies, like trapezium working surface, flexible connection, roller linked pressure boost, etc.TGM Series Super Pressure Trapezium Mill has reached the advanced international level of powder making equipment manufacturing.

Learn More About M&C TGM Trapezium Mill

1.Main engine and powder concentrator is connected flexibly, vibration and noise will be reduced by vibraion spring and seal tape, and avoid resonance at the same time.
2.With good sealing performace, tha machine reduced the noise and vibration, enhanced the fineness of the products, and improved the working efficiency.
3. high density powder separator impeller decreases the air resistance and increases powder collecting fineness and capacity.
4.High efficient centrifugal fan, energy saving and high efficiency.
5.Adopt the new wear-resistant materials to improve crushing efficiency, and extend the using life of the roller and the ring.

Working Principle

The powder classifier drives the blades on the turntable to rotate through the speed regulating motor to form a grading effect on the powder. Qualified finished powder is sucked into the cyclone collector through the blade with air flow. After the air flow and powder are separated, the powder is collected. Unqualified powder is thrown out of the blade wall and separated from the air flow. Coarse powder falls into the grinding chamber for re-grinding due to its own gravity. When the airflow with powder enters the collector, it is in a high-speed rotating state. When the airflow is separated from the powder, the airflow wall shrinks to the center and moves to the bottom of the cone, forming a rotating upward airflow cylinder. At this time, the powder drops and is collected. The lower end of the collector is equipped with a powder lock, whose function is to isolate the positive pressure gas from the negative pressure gas of the collector. If the tongue plate of the powder lock or the powder lock is not tightly matched, it will result in no powder or little powder output, which seriously affects the output of the whole machine.

Specifications - Technical Data